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Friday, Feb 15, 2019

Or how digitalization, technology and sustainability are disrupting and shifting the energy landscape

“Technology changes affecting both the cost of supply and the level of demand for energy are driving changes that are upending the cost structure and business model of energy utilities. We have a regulatory framework that is points to more market-based solutions, and more customer choice, which is rewarding lower cost new technologies in a virtuous circle. Business increasingly sees sustainable energy as the low-cost, long term option and investors are hungry for sustainable energy investments. Between 1990 and 2010 we moved from vertically integrated monopolies to utility oligopolies. Today we are moving to an energy sector with multiple actors, where almost anyone can be a generator; where customers can bypass the traditional utilities and save money. These cost-technology driven developments are allowing the regulatory framework adopted in the late 1990s – unbundling of generation, transmission, distribution and supply; customer choice; equal grid access – to reach its full potential. This is unleashing new business models, stressing old business models and changing the risk profile of energy infrastructure investment."

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