Advisory Services

Two Lights Energy offers investors and project  sponsors a wide range of investment and strategic advice in the global energy infrastructure sector, with a focus on renewable energy and conventional power investments. Two Lights Energy is uniquely positioned to provide the increasing number of pension funds, insurance companies, infrastructure funds, family offices and other investors making direct and indirect infrastructure investments. We provide a full suite of advisory services to projects and investors, however, focus on augmenting internal and external investment teams and investment and credit committees, by acting as a knowledgeable “independent investment committee” member; bringing to bear 25+ years of experience from reviewing and executing hundreds of renewable energy and conventional power investment opportunities across multiple technologies, geographies and business and commodity cycles.

We work with investment teams to review and coach on the best possible deals, bringing our experience to investment teams and their credit and investment committees in what remains a relatively young investment sector.

Two Lights brings an independent, critical and dispassionate eye to investments. We identify critical long-term value creation opportunities and risk factors not only on individual assets, but across entire portfolios. With decades of experience in  long-term infrastructure investment in multiple technologies, countries and regulatory regimes and across multiple business and commodity cycles, we bring a practical and experienced-based view of project, regulatory, commodity and management risks.

Our independence and experience also help investors, especially funds, to fulfill the governance and other ESG and sustainabilty standards that investors are increasingly incorporating in their investment processes. 

Independent Investment Review,  “Investment Committee” and Governance Services Investment in Renewable Energy | Tom Murley

Increased allocations to renewable energy and infrastructure has led not only to increased competition for attractive investments, but also for investment professionals with deep sector experience. Investment professionals with decades of experience in renewable energy and infrastructure investment through multiple business and commodity cycles are few, which creates challenges for investment committees.

Two Lights Energy Advisors seeks to address this gap by offering investors, especially direct investors, the benefit of our deep experience at the strategic and investment committee level. We seek to augment and compliment in house investment teams and investment and credit committees effectively acting as an external investment or credit committee member. We can review proposed investments and make recommendations and coach execution teams on risk assessment and deal structuring.  Our independence helps fulfill governance and other ESG and sustainability standards increasingly sought by investors.

Overview of Energy Investment Services Investment in Renewable Energy | Tom Murley

For pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and their advisors

  • Direct versus fund investing investment strategies with a focus on strategy, team make-up and dynamics, returns, geographies and markets
  • Fund manager selection and due diligence, focusing on investment strategy, market depth and manager positioning to deliver the investment strategy and returns
  • Independent deal review and investment committee assistance to meet governance and ESG standards

For infrastructure and investment funds

  • Strategy and market reviews
  • Review of fundraising materials and fundraising strategy, using our relations with major funders and deep knowledge of market conditions
  • Investor and industry advisory boards and services
  • Independent deal review and investment committee  assistance to meet governance and ESG standards

For all investors

  • Investment assessment and review on a retained independent investment committee basis
  • Strategic asset management services, including serving as a non-executive director on portfolio and project companies for funds and direct institutional investors
  • Renewable energy and infrastructure investment trends and activity
  • Renewable energy subsidy and policy reviews and risk assessments

For project developers and sponsors

  • Advice on raising equity and debt capital, including project finance
  • Review of fundrasing materials and business plans; coaching teams on fundraising presentations
  • Serving as an independent director or investment committee member